Depolarization Discourse

Our nation looks as polarized as ever.

How did we get so polarized? Is it even possible to come together?  So many of us feel uncertain, vulnerable, and fearful.  We’re in conflict.  We’re struggling.


How will we get through this?

Depolarization Discourse brings together a growing network of multidisciplinary experts who conduct research-based analysis and public discourse on pressing social issues.

We approach intractable problems by integrating and synthesizing information from a cross section of academics, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, and creatives in order to provide solutions-based recommendations.  Our aim is to depolarize societal tensions and increase the democratic ideals of our communities and our day-to-day lives.

The causes of divisiveness are complex.

We need rationale and empathic discussion in place of heated debate.  That means asking questions with curiosity and compassion for the needs of others, listening not just to understand but to learn why, and exploring needs and solutions through discourse.