GENERATION ME- Has an American Culture of Excess Created a Global Culture of Narcissism?

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Culture of Excess

Journalist Yasmine Tanres interviewed Dr. Jay Slosar on the news and debate platform Erupt Now. Yasmine and Slosar delve into the societal factors driving cultural narcissism. They address how the worsening trends in cultural excess define society today and how cultural narcissism influences us.

Dr. Slosar also identifies the surprisingly positive and productive aspects of cultural narcissism, while connecting its cycle of excess that has led to our society’s extreme polarization.



Written by:

Dr. Jay Slosar

Dr. Jay Slosar

For the past 30 years, Dr. J. R. Slosar has run a successful private practice as a licensed Clinical Psychologist and has provided direct clinical and consulting services in a variety of diverse settings. He specializes in evaluating teenagers and young adults. Dr. Slosar also provides forensic evaluations and is on the expert witness panel for the Superior Court of Orange County, CA in areas of criminal, juvenile, and family law.

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